PLEASE NOTE: I am not hiring. Job offers from me or Hire Marketing are a scam. Please do not share any personal information with anyone claiming to represent me or my company.
I have recently been informed that person(s) are impersonating me and/or claiming to represent my company. Emails are being sent from a similar domain name, which I do not own or control. Karen Dalton and Daniela are two names made known to me. High paying jobs are being offered to extract personal information. One example email that was sent to me is below.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, please contact:

  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre at 1-888-495-8501 OR
  • Non-emergency Local Police.

Thank you to those who contacted me to let me know this is happening!



From: Karen Dalton []
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2019 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: three online Account Managers

Hire Marketing is glad to welcome you.

You can take more information about the company on website.
We have three opened vacancies for the position of the Account Manager.

Therefore, we are looking for new employees who wish to work with us.
This is an online position. You can work using the Internet and phone. You do not need to change your location. You can work from your place. We will work your time.

You will not communicate and meet clients for the duration of the trial period.
Our company will train you how to work in our company in stages. You will be given all the instructions gradually.
Once you are ready to communicate with customers and you will be a confident manager, we will give you a complete database of customers online, you will work with our clients informing them about our services, providing high quality candidates on both a permanent and freelance basis, who have been pre-screened and pre-selected to ensure the right candidates are put forward for the right roles.
Our company will provide you with all the necessary equipment for work after the trial period.

Employment: Full/Part time:

1. Salary: (Full time: 1520$/wk.) (Part time: 760$/wk.)
2. Working hours: 40 hours/wk. or 20 hours/wk.
3. Payment is going into your bank account weekly and directly by Interac e-transfer.
4. Working hours: 9 AM – 5 PM.

If you choose position of Part Time, you need to work at least 4 hours a day; it is advisable to start in the morning.
Trial реriоd: 10 days. (8 working days and 2 weekends)

You will get a salary during trial period. (Full Time – 1520$/week; Part Time – 760$/week)
We request you to be responsible and do the tasks in exact dates.
You will get a salary every Friday at 5 pm without commission.
Interview: You will have an interview at the office as soon as you pass a probation period or you can get the interview through a videoconference on Skype.

1. Excellent customer service skills
2. Ability to work well independently and as a part of a team
3. Well-developed organizational, time management and prioritization skills
4. Proficient user in MS Office including Outlook, Word, Excel and data entry skills
5. Excellent communication skills
6. Well-developed problem-solving skills

1. Respond to telephone calls and written inquiries from clients and underwriters in a timely and professional manner
2. Prepare, scan and upload all mails into our system
3. Create and mail correspondence to clients.
4. Data base file creation
5. Provide superior service and support to ensure customer.
6. Preparation of weekly and monthly, reports using Excel and Word
7. Educate and support customers on best practices, and the use and benefit of our services
8. Maintain up to date records, expiry lists, daily abeyances, maintain receivables

After a few successful deals with our customers, we will discuss with you a long-term contract.
I am your personal manager and I will be able to answer any questions that you have and will help you in all your beginnings.
Please fill out the Application Form and send it to me to continue. You don’t need to print the Application Form.
Hope to hear from you soon.